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2nd edition Lucky Lenormand Oracle Deck

2nd Limited Edition of 100 decks each signed and numbered by the artist! The 2nd edition contains two new cards - The Lantern and the Hand.

The Lantern #37 - 2nd Edition

The Lantern card # 37  Keywords: Illumination, wisdom, seeking, refuge, privacy, solitude.

This card suggests you spend time alone seeking internal guidance and wisdom for the answers you seek.

If this card appears near the house card when reading, you consider your home your refuge. When it appears next to the Clouds card it indicates confusion or ambivalence about being alone.

Next to the Garden card, the Lantern card suggests that you may find the wisdom you seek while socializing or networking.


The Hand #38 - 2nd Edition

Keywords: Control, destiny, fate, protection, communication, writing or making art and crafts.

This card asks you to examine what is in your control and what you feel is pre-destined. 

Often distinguishing between what we can control and what we can't aids immensely in helping us to adjust our priorities and set clear goals without wasting energy.

This card can also indicate the need to take control or to protect yourself or even to stop something unhealthy from recurring in your life.

Next to the Letter card it can indicate that you are in control of correspondence, in particular communication. The question is always the key in any reading. If a querent asks what their profession might be and the Letter card appears next to the hand card, it is a strong indication of a strong capacity to be a writer or communicate through writing will be an asset.

If it appears next to the Fox it may be asking you to stop gossiping or take a good look at how you set boundaries with deceitful people.

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