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The 6 additional cards in the 3rd, limited edition of the House of Shadows Lenormand Oracle!

37 Mandrake - Magic

Time to do something magical like a ritual, spell, or perhaps something paranormal? If you are uninterested in the mystical and firmly rooted in the mundane, this is a message to seek magic and adventure outside of your normal daily routine. Take a walk with the powerful mandrake root of old witch lore and watch your life renew.


Mandrake + Tree = Look to mysticism as part of your self-care routine.

Mandrake + Anchor = Magic will assist with security but make sure it isn’t keeping you stuck.

Mandrake + Lantern = This is the time to seek spirituality and a time of mystical reflection.

38 Lantern – Seeking

The lantern will light your way when you are in the dark. This card shows up when the time is right to seek spiritual or esoteric enlightenment and knowledge that you are longing for. Often night-time and dreams are where you will receive spiritual messages. A candle meditation may be called for. Sit with a candle to meditate on what it is you truly want in life moving forward. This may is a time of transformation and pilgrimage.


Lantern + Mice = rise above small daily distractions and irritations that eat up your time and focus on the greater meaning of your life.

Lantern + Garden = Seek social connections and the company of like minded people.

Lantern + Ship = An insight or realization of an opportunity for travel or business.

39 Hand – Destiny

What is your destiny? Although we can exercise free will during our lives, there are many things that are believed to be pre-determined and beyond our control. When this card appears look to surrounding cards to determine what appears to be your fate as opposed to what is in your control.


Hand + Child = You may be destined to have a child or be the guardian of one or keep a perpetually child-like wonder in your life.

Hand + Letter = The news you will receive is part of your destiny.

Hand + Moon = Your professional status is destined to be seen as favorable and you are in the right place at the right time.

40 Poppet – Boundaries

When you see this card how do you read it? Are you heroic or about to be victimized by a person who uses all of your time and is relentlessly crossing your boundaries even after you have made them clear? This is the time to define your space once and for all and what you will or will not accept from now on. This poppet is saying “Oh yeah? Who holds the pins now?!”


Poppet + Mice = This is the time to stop the little things in your life that diminish your self-worth

Poppet + Sun = An optimistic and joyous time for you to take control of your space and well-being. You do know what is best!

Poppet + Mountains = It may seem scary but just tackle that big issue by seeing the entrance to the mountains which allows you to go straight through instead of taking the long, arduous climb. Don’t let feeling victimized or helpless stop you!

41 Ghost – Memories

How do your memories affect you? Whether you are nostalgic or haunted by past actions you need to assess the ghosts in your world. This card suggests that memories of your past are currently affecting how you see yourself in the world and may be preventing you from moving forward unrestricted. Living in the moment with gratitude is suggested.


Ghost + Clover = Are you lost in memories of a time when you were lucky? Use them to propel you forward to ensure you don’t stay stuck.

Ghost + Fish = Memories of prosperity and opportunity are showing themselves to you so you can learn and move forward with a new set of ideas and a way to make your business a reality.

Ghost + Crossroads = Don’t linger too long at the crossroads, although helpful for decision making, you should look forward to your next endeavour not remain undecided or procrastinating.

 42 Ancestor – Legacy

Now is the time to consider what it is you are leaving behind as evidence of your earth walk. Is it your relationships, a book, your artwork, or assisting others? Look to inward and to surrounding cards in your spread to assess your legacy and work relentlessly to achieve your chosen goals.


Ancestor + Book = Written word passed down to you from your family lineage.

Ancestor + Hand = Divination or spiritual advice either a gift of yours or you are being asked to seek professional advice at this time.

Ancestor + Brooms = Clearing spaces, or people’s lives or your own of physical and spiritual obstacles seems to be a legacy of yours, or you may need to call on the professionals to offer you a serious de-cluttering as hoarding may run in the family.