Bio of Toronto of artist and illustrator Monica Bodirsky BDes.

Photo by Becca Lemire

Photo by Becca Lemire

About Me

The shadows, quirks and oddities of life have always fascinated me, and as a practicing witch of a northern tradition, I am passionate to share what I see and experience through my illustrations.


A professional commercial and fine artist for over thirty years, her work appears in publications, book covers and has been shown throughout galleries in Canada and the United States. As a tarot and oracle reader, she created two editions of the Lucky Lenormand Oracle deck which has currently sold out and the House of Shadows Oracle a a whimsically dark, pen and ink deck released in Spring of 2018, and again in November 2018. She has offered several classes, workshops and seminars on divination particularly using tarot and has been a professional reader for over 35 years. She had the opportunity to work as a tarot expert on the films 'At Risk' and 'The Front' sharing her knowledge with lead actress Diahann Carroll and is currently creating the Shadowland Tarot for wide release.

Her creativity carries into spiritual realms by other means, and she is the Founder and Program Director of WITCHfest North in Toronto, an annual arts festival held each October. The festival runs the entire month of October and consists of the Toronto Witches’ Ball, divination events, art exhibitions, craft vending, rituals, workshops, and panel discussions.

She holds retreats and international workshops including the Dark Moon Retreat - Fire and Ice - at Imbolc (Celtic) Disting-Tid (Norse) which she created to explore liminal realms to seek a vision for the upcoming year. Communal meals, ritual and quiet time to reflect all come together over this weekend intensive to provide a safe container for participants to explore their own spirituality and creativity.

'Awakening',  an annual 10-day intensive, international artist residency takes place each summer on Toronto Island. She designed and implemented this residency in 2015 to help artists integrate earth-based spirituality with creativity via consultations, workshops, circles and ritual, dedicated studio time, all within the framework of the elements of earth, air, fire, water and spirit.

She has received media attention for her spirituality and artistic expression including CBC radio's Tapestry with Mary Hynes, the Toronto Star, Vice, Toronto Life Magazine, Stylecaster, Spiral Nature, Canadian Culture Magazine, Now Magazine, Brit and Co., The Torontoist and CTV’s The Social. Both her art and writing appear in publications such as A Romani Women's Anthology: Spectrum of the Blue Water, Writing the Roma, Cartomancer magazine, the Lonely Planet Travel Guide: Toronto, Spiral Nature Magazine, and various blogs and journals. She works as sessional faculty at OCAD University teaching a think tank course on sustainability and design, as well as drawing to Material Art and Design Program students. She was nominated for the BLG Faculty Award for Equity which recognizes distinctive and outstanding work in teaching, pedagogy, research or creative work and service in advancing OCAD U’s mandate in fostering an inclusive, equitable and diverse learning environment inside and/or outside the classroom, and more recently (2018) she was asked to be a delegate at the Parliament of the World’s Religions representing pagan Women.

As an activist, she is engaged in community work and has been president and director of several boards and advisory councils including the Pagan, Indigenous and Romani communities in Toronto.

Bodirsky is a first generation Canadian of Scandinavian, Northern European, Slavic and Romani descent who currently works and resides in Toronto with her husband Allan.

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