"The unknown, unseen and unspoken"

"Whether creating abstract paintings,  or symbolic realism, I like to start conversations with my art by focussing on subjects that question our current realities and perspectives.


Monica Bodirsky is an artist, illustrator and published author who holds a bachelor's degree in design from OCAD University. A first generation Canadian, she has been an exhibiting fine artist and commercial artist for over thirty years with gallery shows in Toronto, Salem and New York. Her work is haunting yet optimistic, and draws inspiration from a diverse range of places from abstract collage to illustrative fantasy.
An activist she is engaged in community work and has participated on several boards and advisory councils. Both her art and writing appear in publications such as Cartomancer magazine, the Lonely Planet Travel Guide: Toronto, A Romani Women's Anthology: Spectrum of the Blue Water and various blogs and journals. In 2015 she was nominated for the BLG Faculty Award for Equity. She offers an international residency  called Awakening, held annually at Toronto Island, and is sessional faculty at OCAD University. She resides in Toronto with her lifelong partner Allan.