Photo by Becca Lemire 

Photo by Becca Lemire 


"I'm an artist  who loves to draw on rainy days during thunderstorms. The results are whimsically dark. Best enjoyed with a dark brew by moonlght."
You can view finished art on this site and process work on my FB page or Instagram.



An artist, illustrator and author who holds a Bachelor's degree in design from OCAD University, Bodirsky is a first generation Canadian, of mixed Northern and Eastern European, Romani and deep Persian roots. She is also a Witch who has connected with her ancestry to practice earth-based spirituality respectfully.

A professional commercial and fine artist for over thirty years her work appears in publications, book covers and has been shown throughout galleries in Canada and the United Staes. Her  Lucky Lenormand Oracle deck, was well-received and her second edition made it's debut in New York City at the annual Readers Studio. A third deck, the House of Shadows Oracle is scheduled for release in Spring of 2018,

As an activist, she is engaged in community work and has been president and director on several boards and advisory councils including the Indigenous and Romani communities in Toronto. As a tarot and oracle reader she shares her forty years of esoteric knowledge and Wise Women traditions in her Dark Moon Wise certification course and is the founder of the Dark Moon Coven and is the founder and program director of WITCHfest North in Toronto, an annual arts festival held each October.

She has been featured on CBC radio's Tapestry with Mary Hynes, The Toronto Star, Vice, as well as Toronto Life Magazine, Canadian Culture Magazine, Now Magazine, Brit and Co., The Torontoist and The Social television show. Both her art and writing appear in publications such as A Romani Women's Anthology: Spectrum of the Blue Water, Writing the Roma, Cartomancer magazine, the Lonely Planet Travel Guide: Toronto, and various blogs and journals. She works as sessional faculty at OCAD University and In 2015 she was nominated for the BLG Faculty Award for Equity and is a proponent of decolonizing design. She also offers an annual, international earth-based spirituality and arts residency called Awakening. She resides in Toronto with her lifelong partner Allan.